At CCNP, we provide high quality pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

The supplement industry is basically unregulated, companies are not required by law to put the ingredients in their products that are advertised on the label. When a supplement is pharmaceutical grade, it must contain the exact amount of products listed on the label. You may see higher prices than those at discount stores but you are getting what you paid for!

Not all forms of supplements are well absorbed and we try to provide the best.

For example, synthetic vitamin E, which is poorly absorbed and utilized but is less expensive than the natural form, can be identified by the label. The synthetic form of vitamin E will have a “d-l” (to remember think- don’t like!) before the form of vitamin E. The natural form of vitamin E will has “d-“ on the label. Synthetic vitamin E will not cross the placenta and adequate levels of vitamin E are critical for the development of a baby’s brain and nervous system. Our products only contain natural vitamin E.

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