Carolinas HealthCare System Wound Care

Barbara A. Oaks, RN, BSN, CWS

I wanted to write a letter of recommendation regarding compounding antibiotic for wounds. Last winter we had an elderly patient with a pressure ulcer on her buttocks that cultured positive for bacterial growth and there were no antibiotics that she was allowed to take that would address the positive culture due to allergies. We decided to try the topical compound in the wound. One of the antibiotics we chose was actually one she was allergic to. We used it cautiously topically. Fortunately she had no reactions to the topical antibiotic and over a period of about 3 months her wound healed. We were very pleased with these positive healing results on an elderly patient in a SNIF who had some mobility and nutritional issues to address as well. I want to thank Carolina Compounding for their help in getting us this treatment for our patient. We will continue to use your services as we have opportunity.