Kelli L.

"My heroes! I had run out of options when a pharmacist referred me to this wonderful place & they rescued me. Everyone is so nice, helpful & work hard to help us all! I felt like I knew everyone (via phone calls) - long before I walked in the door. I am so deeply grateful as are my family and medical team! I do not have the words to express how thankful I am."

Kimberlie C.

"Fabulous compounding pharmacy. Knowledgeable and helpful pharmacist. Answered my questions and offered solid support. Uses the best ingredients. Also does mail order and is always reliable and timely in that regard."

Lori V.

"Always very helpful and quick to answer any questions and get scripts out to you on a timely basis. Would totally recommend CCNPRX!"

Carolinas HealthCare System Wound Care

Barbara A. Oaks, RN, BSN, CWS

"I wanted to write a letter of recommendation regarding compounding antibiotic for wounds. Last winter we had an elderly patient with a pressure ulcer on her buttocks that cultured positive for bacterial growth and there were no antibiotics that she was allowed to take that would address the positive culture due to allergies. We decided to try the topical compound in the wound. One of the antibiotics we chose was actually one she was allergic to. We used it cautiously topically. Fortunately she had no reactions to the topical antibiotic and over a period of about 3 months her wound healed. We were very pleased with these positive healing results on an elderly patient in a SNIF who had some mobility and nutritional issues to address as well. I want to thank Carolina Compounding for their help in getting us this treatment for our patient. We will continue to use your services as we have opportunity."

Donna White, HRT Practice Consultant

Author of The Hormone Makeover - 7 Steps to Transform Your Life with Bioidentical Hormones

"I have worked with Andre and his team at Carolina Compounding and Nutritional Pharmacy for over 10 years. I highly recommend CCNP! As a compounding pharmacy they are very service oriented and highly knowledgeable. CCNP is a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy, so whether you are a medical provider or patient, you can be assured that CCNP’s medications meet quality control standards as well as consistency in purity and dosage."

Premier Wellness Center

Kristen Spratt, MSN, FNP, SNP, Founder & President of Premier Wellness Center

"I have been working with Carolina Compounding and Nutritional Pharmacy for over ten years and have been very satisfied as a provider. The owner, Andre, always takes the time to answer all of my questions and has a vast knowledge of compounds. The staff is helpful with patients and the products are superior to many other pharmacies. If you are looking for quality in your medications and care, then this should be your destination."

Signature Wellness

Deborah Matthew MD, Medical Director

"I have referred patients to CCNP for over 10 years years and have been very pleased with their professionalism and ability to compound prescriptions to meet the individual needs of my patients. The fact that they are a PCAB Accredited pharmacy means that they have gone the extra mile to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding the regulations set forth by the pharmacy board, and that gives me (and my patients) peace of mind. Andre and his team do a great job."